Preliminary Data Collection

To begin, I compiled a list of all students who are identified as ESL within the school where I teach.  Currently, there are 17 active ESL students and 8 flagged as “monitor” status.  Using the College Review Board-approved consent and assent forms, I sent home information to parents about the study.  At this point, I have received six forms.  I hope to receive consent from at least half of the students.  I have had to provide additional copies and check in with students regarding the status of their paperwork.

I have been in close contact with the ESL teacher at the school and have interviewed her regarding her communication with parents.  I will begin dispersing interview questions to teachers this week.  I will also translate the parent survey questions into Spanish and send them home with students who have already consented to participate.  Additionally, I will begin to create a template for classroom behavior observations as well as grades.


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