Descriptive Stats

To accompany my latest post “Stuck” …

Teacher Participants


Average Experience 14 Years


Teachers responded to two-four surveys; each about the communication they have with the parents of their students identified as ESL.

Amount of Parent Communication Per Month
Zero 5
Once 1
Twice 0
Three or More 0
 Referrals in Current School Year
Zero 6
One 0
Two 0
Three or More 0

Parent Participants

All parent surveys were sent home in Spanish and English.  All parents responded in Spanish.  Some surveys were returned partially complete, while others were answered in full.  Overall, parents confirmed they had not been contacted by parents but explained they only expected to be contacted if there was a concern regarding grades or behavior.  I was concerned by one response, which prompted more investigation.  A parent, when asked if they wished to hear from teachers more, wrote that she wished she could be more involved, but work and a lack of transportation prevented that.  While many did not come forward to say they wish they had more contact, reading through the lines informed me otherwise.


Overall, teachers reported little to no contact with parents.  Parents affirmed this and added they did not feel they needed to hear from teachers unless there was an issue with behavior or academic performance.  However, I felt this was not a holistic representation of the school, nor did the results agree with other research that support the need for communication.  With the data sample used, I can conclude that minor redirections some students require in class do not necessarily call for communication with parents.  The students participating did not exhibit behaviors that would require contact home, regardless of ESL status.


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