Stuck – Or So I Thought

As I dove into the mass of parent surveys, teacher responses, student grades, attendance, and behavior I found something not altogether surprising.  My data seemed to be inconclusive.  The teachers didn’t report any communication with home and the parents vocalized they only felt they needed to hear from the teacher when the student was in trouble.  Furthermore – the students who had participated earned satisfactory grades and had no reports of behavior referrals.

In a panic, I emailed my professor and some classmates with the subject line reading “stuck”.  In the message I detailed my specific situation, including the lack of breakthrough data and acknowledged the small sample size.  Thankfully, some fantastic classmates and my professor stepped up to suggest a school improvement plan because of the seeming complacency regarding communication with home.  My classmate went on to suggest community outreach through face-to-face meetings that could assist the parents in adjusting to a new culture.

I now have my work cut out for me.  I will finish synthesizing the data I have, research home communication, and develop a school improvement plan.  Sounds easy, right?  After this weekend, I’m thankful for a community of learners who came to my aid when I was feeling down and out.  On we go!


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